In preparation for the book I’m reading-


​Pics above = cheat sheets of DF Wallace’s commonly used abreviations. His non-fiction, interviews, and orations demand inclusion on that very, very short list of authors’ creating prose and who men from just about all points in history would consent to call masterworks.

Reading the prose sucks air right out of reader’s lungs. DFW’s tonal style epitomizes what it is to read an unabshedly unique & resounding narrative voice. 

At times accented by low brow humor, the prose can continually compell an audience to spectate the words. The conversational timber affected the atmospheric milieu comprising those interactions amongst reader, author, book & words, such that large quantaties of information, data, and, simply,  learning. Within this milieu of literature a person may experience literary art or totality via inputted information which must be recognized & registered exceptionally quickly and concisely by the reader. This holds especially true when compared to the quantity of time the prose of others (particularly those educational, academic, and scholarly) might require  in order to input an equal amount of data or information into a reader.  Unfortunately, creating prose is not as easy as DFW might make it appear.

Wallace packs the most punch of those authors currently and previously producing nonfiction prose able to put as much info as possible, about a really technical & specialized way of knowing the world into the consciousness of a self interested in that particular knowledgspace. However it is, simultaneously, a self or an audience who/m appear incapable or unwilling to invest the hefty time costs required to merely learn the foundations, let alone the expanses and heights encompassed by certain forms of knowledge.

The technical non-fiction genre (there is surely a formal term of which lim ignorant, so forgive the following akward attempt at description) as a label implies pieces written about highly spealized ways of knowing but couched within such syntax that anyone of reasonable intelligence and motivated by wonder could wade through and fish out enough meat from the inacessible but intriguing realm despite lacking the know-how & educational underpinnings required of the admitted specialists.


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