Is it True?

You and I share a goal, I think.   To attempt to engage life as honestly as possible, and to ever be working towards ENGAGING that which scares you/us/me/them  in an effort to- maybe….one day…find ourselves at the doorstep of a place that we’ve always wanted to see [fka ‘be’] even though it’s a place […]

(draft/fictiony)A confluence of events conspired to bring together several things into my mind’s eye. I was reading the chapter of a book called The Voice of Knowledge; the chapter was called Inner Peace. Ruiz’s discussion of the mitote recalled Augustine’s breakdown in the garden. St. Augustine long been a word friend of mine. I’ve always enjoyed the story of his break-down in the garden. I have a copy of the book that I bought when I was freshman in college for a class. My copy of Augustine’s Confessions has mileage like bald tires. And moldy, it has bits of food and coffee and writing written all over it. I retrieve my copy of the Confessions and open it to the table of contents- the book has a printed list of content that I have written over in order to find my favorite content quicker. Scrawled over the printed list of chapters is the phrase “Garden breakdown 8:8” so I turn to section 8.8 and immediately begin reading the story. Shall we read it together? This dream talks my thoughts freely by virtue of its uniqueness: In my dream thePeople have come to theHouse just to put on the same show they had put on with giant marionnettes the previous night. I fell asleep with my head in Neil’s lap during this slight reprisal/respite/reprise(?) I woke up in the smack-middle of the night, super ill. I walked into a bathroom to see my sickly green face looking back at me but then it became Neal’s face-it was his reflection before me but he was standing behind me, asking if I was alright. The optics and refraction math does not tally. But no-matter, because then it was time to go to the theater. big red the carpet and the door was not tall. The theater was not large. We were given programs on our way into the theater. The program had one printed sentence only- inside the leaflet-and it simply read Your Body will Take Care of You. We sit down and settle in and the movie started but all that appears is a black screen with white letters reading “don’t turn around”. And for just the time it took me to read those words, I then immediately begin to feel something, something tapping my back, mouthing and whispering, and frantically, hell, almost hysterically, trying to get MyAttention. It feels like a lesson of endurance and although I knew I wasn’t supposed to turn around: How long can you ignore the thing that is t- ap, tapping you on the shoulder & saying ps- -st, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pstvv, pstv, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, ps PSST, pst, pst, pst, pst, pst, pstpst Utterly Inexorable, it was more than I could take. I remember turning around not by choice but just because and then I woke up again and started again. I will enjoy the story of my grandmother Rae’s dream I will start with the story I wrote in 1997.

DaemonsDiabolusDervish (fictiony/early days)

Anon, Anon Dear Reader (readers render) delighted to find you still looking at my letter/s, my Epistle.   For this now, let’s simply concern ourselves with what in the world is meant by the word diabolus in the passage below*   “Other centuries sought safety in the union of reason and religion, research and asceticism. […]

Parse & Parser

The word ‘paragon’ entered the cultural consciousness in the 16th Century. par·a·gon ˈperəˌɡän/ noun noun: paragon; plural noun: paragons a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. “it would have taken a paragon of virtue not to feel viciously jealous” a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence. “your cook is a […]


parse v. 1 resolve (a sentence) into its component parts and describe their syntactic roles 2 Computing analyse (text) into logical syntactic components -Origin C16: perh. from ME pars ‘parts of speech’, from Fr. pars ‘parts’ syntax n.1 the combination  of words and phrases to create well formed sentences > a set of rules for or an analysis of this 2 the structure of statements in a […]